A Formula for Success

What is Your Big Why?

Everybody will listen intently and even take a quick glance at a formula that might produce gigantic sales results. Their curiosity is pricked to examine such a formula to see if there is some type of new majestic technique that will produce unbelievable results with the greatest of ease in a very short period of time. I will share a formula with you that have produced success for many years but it is not magic, it’s not quick, and it isn’t effortless. The important thing about this formula is that it works every time, for everyone who uses it.  And, it doesn’t matter what type business you’re in; it just keeps on working. This formula is a five step process that I will discuss step by step.

Step one is Why….

Gary Keller, founder of Keller Williams Realty in Austin, Texas properly refers to this step in his book “The Millionaire Real Estate Agent” as “The Big Why.” This formula was used way before the current national franchises were started but Gary named it so appropriately. Before we go any farther I want you to reason with me for a moment. If I asked you what was the most important thing you needed to accomplish tomorrow, what would you say?  I asked that question to one of the agents I coach and they said, “Besides staying alive, earn a living.” There are a gazillion ways to earn a living but I must ask exactly how much is earning a living? You see when asked what is the most important thing you need to do today, it can only be one thing. All the other things you need to do are less important. We need to learn to be specific with our answers so we can be specific in accomplishing the most important things. With that in mind the why is our purpose for being in real estate. Why are we working in real estate rather than working for the County, State or an independent organization? There is a reason we want to work a particular type job. Deep within our souls we have a purpose for doing everything we do. Once we determine the type work we want to do, our tasks become a mission of actions that we need to perform in order to achieve our desired results. Generally our reason or purpose for doing a particular thing is based on financial needs which become our “Big Why.” The larger our why, the more committed we are to do the tasks necessary to accomplish our desired goal. Our desire will be so great and our focus will be so intent, that we will let nothing hinder us from attaining our goal. This is our “Big Why.”

Step two is How….

We need to know how to perform the job we have chosen for earning a living. When speaking about real estate, all licensees have completed the required number of hours of education in state and federal laws, real estate math, financial and appraisal classes, ADA compliance, and Fair Housing laws to make sure they are never guilty of discrimination against anyone.  However, this education doesn’t qualify someone to sell real estate. It just allows them to become licensed so they can begin the learning process. It is up to each licensee to seek the necessary training to educate themselves to have a complete understanding of how to perform the necessary tasks to represent consumers when buying or selling real estate. Knowledge is a necessary ingredient leading to success.

Step three is Attitude….

This is where the rubber meets the road so to speak. You can have a sincere “why” and have more knowledge about that job than anyone, but if you don’t have a positive attitude, you are fighting a losing battle. Exactly what is meant by having a positive attitude? Many of my students will say if they aren’t depressed, or if they don’t possess a negative attitude, then they have a positive attitude.  I’m always correcting them by explaining that attitude is not a mood that they’re in at a specific time. Attitude is more of a process. For me, attitude has to do with a level of confidence that I can and will accomplish a particular thing and I won’t let anything or anyone hinder me from accomplishing a specific task or goal. I read a very interested newspaper article published in Mobile Register on October 7 titled “The man behind The Process.”  It began like this; “The man, who says, “Attitude is a muscle” wants to give yours a workout. And if you’re interested in the kind of vision, discipline and positive attitude that the University of Alabama football team has displayed in winning two of the previous three BCS national championships, them Elko’s visit to Mobile on Tuesday night might be your type of exercise.” The article continues by saying, “Elko (Kevin Elko),  who has a doctorate in sports performance from West Virginia, is an inspirational and motivational speaker and author who has worked with an array of professional and college programs as well as major corporations. Elko has been called the man behind The Process, the all-encompassing description of coach Nick Saban’s work resurrecting the Alabama football program.” I don’t care what college or professional team you pull for, listen to the coaches comments after each game when credit is given to the attitude (the process) for a win and the lack thereof for a loss. You need to figure out for yourself what attitude means and then possess it so that you can reach the desired level of success.

Step four is Action….

Provided you have a good understanding of the first three steps, and you realize that nothing can be accomplished until those steps are put into action, this step is very simple. Action is a verb which means it moves, or other words you have to actually do the things you know needs to be done in order to accomplish the goal you have set as most important to you.

Step five is Results….

If you understand and commit to your purpose or big why and you possess the necessary knowledge of how to do the tasks involved in the job, while possessing a positive, comitial attitude, and putting the necessary tasks into action, the only thing left is to enjoy the results that comes from you dedication and hard work.

This formula really works but don’t trust me! Try it out for yourself and enjoy the rewards that come from the efforts provided.

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