Alabama Real Estate Sales Pre License Course

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Our Mission: Provide high-quality education courses to Real Estate students as well as licensed agents.

Start Your Salesperson Pre License
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The Alabama Real Estate Commission requirements for getting sales license are listed below in the order they are to be completed:

  • Complete our 60-hour Salesperson Prelicense Course

  • Successfully pass a proctored exam that is given by the school. We do not charge for this exam; however since our proctored exams are usually administered by a public library in your home town, the library may charge a small fee to cover some of their expenses, no more than $35. Most libraries will only charge a fee for the use of copier and fax. The proctored exam is hand written and consist of 100 questions that you must correctly answer 80%.

  • Upon passing the proctored exam, we issue a credit for you with the Alabama Real Estate Commission; and with Amplified Measuring Professionals (AMP/PSI - the State selected testing company).

  • Once the credits have been issued and received by the Commission and AMP/PSI, we help you get setup with the state exam.

  • Students must take and pass the state exam within six months from the date the credits are issued.

  • Upon successfully completing the state exam with a passing score of 70 or better, the student may apply for a temporary license (good for 6 months) after making proper application. The student is directed through this process.

  • With this temporary license a student becomes an active agent and can begin listing and selling real estate; however, a Post License course must be completed from the date the temporary license were issued. Please refer to the Post License page to learn specific details.

  • Please communicate with your Legal Name. Individuals that have experienced a criminal record should determine their eligibility prior to purchasing a pre-license course. This can be accomplished by completing a Request for Determination of Licensing Eligibility so the real estate Commission can notify you of your status.

Start Your Salesperson Pre License