Alabama Real Estate Reciprocal License Course

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If you are wanting to practice Real Estate in Alabama as a Salesperson or Broker yet are already licensed in another state, a reciprocal license is for you.

The Alabama Real Estate Commission requirements for getting reciprocal sales license are listed below in the order they are to be completed:

  • Something that might save time, but is not required, is to complete a Request for Determination of Examination for Reciprocal Licensing, and let the real estate Commission determine your current status. As long as you are licensed and in good standing with the Real Estate Commission in the state where originally licensed by examination, getting reciprocal license in Alabama will not be an issue. Just follow the instructions below.

  • Complete a 6-hours Reciprocal Sales Prelicense course which focuses on Alabama License Law only. This course explains the differences between the laws in your state compared to the laws in Alabama that govern our actions.

  • Upon successfully completing the course we will issue credit for you with the Alabama Real Estate Commission; and with Amplified Measuring Professionals (AMP/PSI, the State selected testing company).

  • Once the credits have been issued and received by the Commission and AMP/PSI, we email the student instructions for setting up the state exam.

  • Students must take and pass the state exam within six months from the date we issue the credits.

  • Upon successfully passing the State Exam (with a score or 70 or better) you can apply to the Alabama Real Estate Commission for Alabama Reciprocal Sales License by completing the form supplied to you with the score report, after taking the state exam.
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