Alabama Real Estate Institute FAQ's

I have trouble staying focused on the internet. I need a regular classroom course.

  • Some classes are definitely better when taken in a classroom. Continuing education classes should be taken in a classroom if at all possible so that you get the most up-to-date information. Classroom discussions are also a great learning tool.
  • It has been documented from several studies over several years that students taking online prelicense courses make 25-30% higher scores on the state exam.
  • We offer classroom courses for Continuing Education courses.

What are the advantages for taking online courses?

  • Online courses maintain focus without interruptions, annoying sounds, and distractions. Online classes focus only on the material specific to passing the state exam, while many times someone in a classroom will bring up issues not related to the material being studied.
  • The practice of real estate in today’s market is almost all done on a computer. Online classes are very easy to maneuver around which improves the students confidence level.
  • Online courses are much less expensive because there’s no travel involved. Course material can be accessed from any computer, anywhere, at any time.

Can I attend a class if I am disabled?

  • The answer is definitely yes. We are ADA compliant in every respect and is a non-discriminatory learning center for all who want to learn. We only request that students make us aware of any accommodations that may be required at the earliest opportunity so we can make arrangements to fulfill the student’s needs.

How long does it take to complete a salesperson pre-license course ?

  • On campus courses require a total of 12 weeks. Our distance learning courses vary because some people spend more time on a daily basis so they can finish sooner.

What is involved in a distance learning course?

  • Distance learning courses are linked through the school web site so an approved student can actually take the course from their personal computer and still have personal assistance from an instructor to answer all questions that may arise.

Is there a schedule for all courses that you offer?

  • For classroom class dates and times contact the school.
  • Distance learning courses are available on a 24/7 basis. When in doubt, visit the “contact us” icon and ask the school administrator any questions you have.

How long are campus classes  and do I have to attend every class?

  • The Alabama Real Estate Commission require a minimum of 90% classroom attendance in every Pre and Post Licensing class with a ten minute break per hour of class time. AREI has adapted this policy to all courses (except distance learning courses). Students violating this policy will not get credit for that particular class but can take the class over at a later time for credit when completed.

Are course payments required before the course begins or after completion?

  • All courses must be paid for in full prior to beginning the desired course.

What happens if I have trouble learning the material?

  • All our courses are designed to teach the student by using the simplest methods and illustrations to enhance complete understanding. We encourage all students to bring all unclear issues to the attention of the instructor so it can be thoroughly explained.

Do you offer sample testing?

  • The key to learning and preparing for taking the state exam is by taking sample test as you learn, step by step. We give test on every class, and then correct your answers with an explanation to help you learn the topics being studied.