The Hardest Nut to Crack

Are You Committed like He Is?

If you are a real estate sales person, the hardest nut to crack in your career is that of self-discipline. Since you are an independent contractor and own your own business, your days are filled with making decisions that affect the success of your entire business. Your ultimate goal is to perform tasks that produce income and to not let non-productive things hinder you from doing the productive things.

A typical day in real estate, in offices across the nation, licensed agents go to their office and drink real estate coffee, make copies on a real estate printer, have real estate conversations, speak the real estate language, and virtually accomplish very few productive things during a day. Unfortunately one can look and act like a real estate agent but that doesn’t make them successful. The vast majority of real estate agencies don’t have in-house trainers to teach agents the proper way to do the business so they can become productive. So many new agents learn from other agents in the office by hanging around the break room and copier. Learning bad habits from other agents is a poor way to learn how to list and sell real estate but this is not our topic for today.