Prototype for Real Estate Sales


One rarely thinks about all the processes an item goes through before it reaches the retail sales arena. I’m not referring to products that are grown, such as fruit and vegetables, but products that are manufactured for consumer use. There are many, many steps between the times a product is envisioned in someone’s mind, until it actually reaches the retail business where it can be purchased. Almost everything stems from a dream or an idea someone had. Next the idea is transferred onto paper as a drawing by a designer to allow others to perceive what the idea looks like and how it will function. The next step is for some engineer to break the item into components to allow the item to be manufactured either as a whole or in parts so that through close tolerances, all parts can be easily assembled to create an item in its entirety. After carefully checking the engineers work for accuracy, the blueprint is sent to a tool and die department to make a prototype; the first complete transformation of an idea into a visible, functioning item. The prototype is then tested many times, using various techniques to ensure it works the way it was intended. Once the prototype has proven to work as intended, the item is then manufactured and sold to consumers. This is a very broad explanation of the processes almost everything we use on a daily basis, comes into existence. Real estate sales follow a similar path in which I would like to explain in some detail.