Social Networks

Which Network Do You Use?

Which Network Do You Use?

Social Networks seem to be a main topic of discussion anywhere two or more real estate agents are gathered. Almost everyone uses Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or one of the many networks in an attempt to find prospective clients. Can you really find clients on Social Networks? If so, which ones are best served for finding people that want to buy or sell real estate?

Yesterday I attended a seminar in Gulf Shores, Al. featuring The Geeky Girls, and sponsored by the “Gulf Shores Life Team” with Keller Williams Realty. Lisa Archer and Laurie Weston Davis are the Geeky Girls. They speak to audiences all over the United States teaching others how to discover their inner geek. They specialize in training of technology, social media and internet lead generation.

When I signed up to attend the event I really didn’t know what to expect but I thought it was more about technology than it was about social media. I was wrong. They focused mostly on using Social Networks in the practice of real estate. At first I thought I had wasted my money and time.

I spend the majority of my time teaching, training and coaching sales people; primarily real estate agents. I believe in using social media but not so many Realtors® use them. I have seen so many people try to market their properties on Facebook as well as other social media. I feel that method is a waste of time. I don’t believe people go to Social Networks when they want to buy or sell real estate. I will acknowledge that I know successful agents that say they get most of their business from social media.

I was pleasantly surprised when The Geeky Girls stressed the importance of using multiple social medias to drive people to their personal website. They stressed the importance of using your personal website to capture leads while using social media to drive prospective clients to their website. They were dead on the proper use of social media for lead generation. I was truly glad that I attended the event and I encourage everyone that has the opportunity to attend a “Geeky Girls” event to do so.