Steps between Survival and Success


During my 42 year career in real estate I have seen and attended numerous seminars, online classes, read many  books, taken  correspondence courses, listened to  tapes, CD’s, watched  video’s and every other delivery method of a guaranteed programs that will help an agent become successful. Most of these programs have certain techniques that are productive and easily adaptable. However, courses are designed to sell; Right? Have you noticed that some of the 10 step program is sold in 10 different lessons? This helps generate more income. Smart, huh?

One thing I have noticed about the providers of these programs is most are written and sold by someone that sells real estate. To be totally honest, I’ve done it too. I have been training sales people in various industries for years. I would only share certain information with my students because I didn’t want my competition to have the same advantage I had. Doesn’t that make sense to you? Another thing I’ve noticed is the people selling these programs usually close an unbelievable number of transactions each year. That is the basis for their success and establishes a reason for you to purchase whatever they’re selling. The thing so many people overlook is the area they live in.  For example, it is physically impossible for someone from Creeks Crossing, Alabama to produce comparable sales to someone in New York City, Atlanta, Ga., Dallas, Tx., Reno, Nev., or Hollywood, California.

I have officially retired from listing and selling real estate, and now I center all my efforts on education, training, coaching, and motivating other people; helping them become successful in the area they live, regardless the size of that area. Now I can share trade secrets without feeling a threat from competitors.

I bet you thought I was going to share the magical steps that produce unbelievable results. Wrong! I have to make a living too but the fact is, there is no magic!  I will soon have a proven program available that cost a fraction of all other programs. My program will be available on the internet and hopefully on some PDA’s. I just don’t want to get the cart before the horse, so I’ll let you know that later.

One main difference between our program and theirs is simple. If you follow my program for one year, step by step, and you aren’t reaching new heights in production, I’ll refund your cost. You can’t lose!  If you are interested in more details about this program, drop me an email or visit my website and subscribe to my “News & Updates.”

My program consist of planning, action steps, follow-up, and tracking the results on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. We help you determine exactly where you are right now; what you need to do to reach the level of production you wish to produce; time blocking for the action steps; tracking the results to make sure you accomplished everything you needed to do so you can start tomorrow with a clean slate. These are the same things I work on with agents in our coaching program.

Basically most programs consist of systematically moving forward one step at a time. It’s like walking up stairway. One doesn’t go up stair steps three at a time. Taking one step at a time is much easier and the destination is the same. Have you started up a steep stairway and decided to turn back half way up? I haven’t. I know if I keep going I will eventually reach the top. Isn’t that what we want to do in our real estate business; reach the top? We don’t get into real estate to become a failure. We want to become successful and that only comes with commitment and hard work. However, if we look at all the things we need to do to become a productive agent, it is overwhelming.  When we break it down into bite size divisions, the task seems much more doable.

According to national statistics 10% of all sales people complete 90% of all sales made; regardless the industry they are working. The other 90% of the sales force are somewhere between survival and success. Generally speaking those in the middle seldom become very successful because they don’t feel they need help. Those that are barely earning enough income to cover their expenses will eventually get out of sales or they’ll reach out to someone that can help them.

If you are interested in increasing your sales, regardless the amount of sales you are currently producing, you can do more if you really want to. If you’d like to have more information about how you can increase your sales, either drop me an email or call me; I’d love to talk with you. It’s like the popular song of years past, “I Can Help.”

 Should you have specific questions concerning various issues, please let me know and I’ll research the answer for you. I also want to encourage you to subscribe to our “News & Updates” weekly report so you can stay abreast of issues that might affect you when buying or selling real estate. If you haven’t visited my website, please go to  and view previous articles.