Alabama Real Estate Licensing Process

If a person is considering making a career change, and are thinking about real estate, they have many questions. Even though I provide all the necessary information on my website, prospective students like a more direct explanation so here it is.

The Alabama Real Estate Commission is the state governing body that implements and enforces the Alabama License Law including rules and regulations. The law states that before an individual can sit for the state exam, they must complete a 60-Hour Sales Prelicense Course. The 60-hour in the title refers to the time that it should require to complete the course work; regardless if the class is online or in a classroom. Classroom classes are limited

to a maximum of class time per day to 6-hours. Online classes are unlimited.

Upon completion of the class work, the student must take a Proctored exam; usually given in your home town. This proctored exam helps us to see the students retention and comprehension of the material covered. It also let the student see the areas they need to review before taking the state exam. After successfully passing the proctored exam, the necessary credits are issued with the Alabama Real Estate Commission and with AMP (Amplified Measurement Professionals) the state testing company. The student is then instructed how to register for the state exam.  The state exam consists of 140 questions and is taken on the computer. The cost of the state exam is $71 for each time the exam is taken; therefore, we want the student to pass it on their first attempt. FYI, the exam can be taken as many times as necessary to pass within a one year period from the date the course was completed.

Upon successfully passing the state exam with a score of 70 or better, the student is issued a temporary sales license which allows them to begin listing and selling real estate. However, from the date the temporary licenses are issued, the new agent must complete a 30-hour Post License course. This course will aid the agent in jumpstarting their newly established career.  This is a fun course; totally different because you begin seeing results from your actions. Upon completing the course, you must pass another proctored exam (only 50 questions), but there are no more state exams. Upon passing the proctored exam, the school administrator will issue the appropriate credits with the Commission which will allow you to apply for your permanent license.

You see how simple the licensing process is? For additional information on Alabama Real Estate Licensing process click here !

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  1. Since I am no longer in active selling and listing…only position is that of a
    referral agent with REalty Executives, I am particularly interested in the
    reminders of when it is time to take classes again for the required hours.

    Thanks for your hard work!!

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