Exciting New Program for Brokers and Students

Alabama Real Estate Institute Spreading Wings

Thank you Realtors® and students of Alabama Real Estate Institute.  Because of your loyal support through the years, I have the distinct pleasure of proudly announcing two new programs that expands our service area beyond our state boundaries.

Real Estate Agent Scholarship and Broker Affiliate Program

An Innovative “Broker Affiliation Program

This program will open many doors of opportunity for real estate brokerage firms to become affiliated with a licensed real estate school. Some of the advantages of such an affiliation are as follows:

  • Provides great incentives when recruiting new agents.
  • Quick access to educational and training material.
  • Improves agent retention rate.
  • Enhances overall professionalism for the agency.
  • Allows brokerage firms to advertise their affiliation with a school for purposes of education and training.
  • Extends the agency an opportunity to provide productivity coaching.
  • Provides all their agents the opportunity to get personalized training in sales and marketing.
  • Allows agencies to participate in the second new program discussed below.

Unheard of “Scholarship Program” for the Real Estate Industry

To an old farm boy, I’m plowing new ground on our next new program.  Did I lose you there? Computer geeks probably don’t know what plowing new ground is but I’m sure you’ll understand our new “Scholarship Program” that went into effect of June 1, 2011.

If someone living in Alabama wants to get licensed to sell to real estate in Alabama, there are several prerequisites dealing with citizenship, education, and etc. After meeting those requirements, the next step is to take a 60-hour Sales Prelicense class, a 30-hour Post License class, take state exam, and things that cost money. All education, regardless of the industry, requires some financial investment. Our “Scholarship Program” provides finances for education and initial sales and management training, from prior to becoming licensed through the first year of licensure. It’s like a hen gathering her baby chicks under her wings for protection. The agency is assuming the same role for their new agents; to make sure they begin their new career by doing the right things and not learn bad habits. This is a win-win situation for both the agency and the student/new licensee.

If you are interested in learning more about either of these programs, please complete the proper registration form at the bottom of the detail page linked below:

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