Finding Prospects is Easier Than You Think

Prospective Clients Are Everywhere

Some real estate agents are in awe as to how many clients some agents have to work with, when they themselves have only a couple prospects. How did they come by so many prospects? Is it because their company is so much better or more proficient than mine? No to the last question. Ten thousand times no! If one goes to work for a particular real estate agency thinking they are going to provide you lots of listing and sales opportunities, you have a sad awakening ahead. No one gives you anything in this industry.

Real estate agents are self-employed; independent contractors; working for themselves; making their own decisions, and are in total control of their own destiny. Sure you have to work under the supervision of a qualifying broker, but the broker only provides you the opportunity work in the industry as you see fit. Matter of fact, since you are an independent contractor, the broker is limited as to the demands he can make of you. He can demand that you work legally, ethically, and within the company policy, rules and regulations. Otherwise you are on your own.