Finding Prospects is Easier Than You Think

Floor Duty

Most companies offer you the opportunity to work floor-duty, which means you are at the office for so many hours each day, certain days of the week. Floor-duty may mean that you actually answer the phone, and greet walk-in customers. Provided they aren’t working with another agent, you have the opportunity to discuss a possible agency relationship for yourself. Personally I consider this to be free labor for the company. A person can starve to death on the amount of call in or walk in business that comes their way by sitting in an office!

 Generate you own leads

You must generate your own leads; you own listings, and your own prospective buyers.  So where do they come from; where can you find these prospective clients? It’s really very simple. They are all around you; everywhere! Let me give you a guaranteed method that will produce client’s consistently during your entire career. Simply introduce yourself to people you come in contact with and ask them a couple questions: 1) Are you interested in buying or selling real estate?  Then wait for them to answer. If they say, “No I’m not.”  Then ask them the next question. 2) Do you know of anyone who is interested in buying or selling real estate? Once again wait for their response. Should they say, “No I don’t,” then say to them, “I appreciate your time, would you do me a favor and keep my card. If you happen to think of someone, would you please give them my card and have them call me?”  It takes a little practice to master this technique but if you’ll do it a few times you will see for yourself that it works. It has worked for some 40 years and it will continue to work as long as you use it.

People Are Everywhere

Think about it for a moment. You see people at the service station, grocery store, banks, WalMart, restaurants, and virtually everywhere you go. How do you know these people aren’t interested in buying or selling real estate?  You don’t unless you ask them. My contention is if you fear talking to strangers you can either get over the fear or get a job in another industry. I know this sounds harsh but it is the simple truth. Real estate agents that wait for business to come to them simply don’t last. They work in the industry for a year or two and then move on to something else because they aren’t making money. Are you in need of more listings? Then look at how many people you come in contact with on a daily basis. Talk to them and ask the simple questions.  The next time you go into a fast food establishment, talk to the people standing in line with you. You’re only killing time anyway so why not be productive.

Business Cards

One of the first things a real estate agent does after they get their license is to have business cards printed. I would like to know why you had them printed if you’re not going to pass them out to people. When you introduce yourself to someone, you give them your calling card; right? You wouldn’t believe how many agents I have tried to exchange cards with only to have them say I don’t have a card on me right now. Shame on them! That’s like a preacher going to church without a bible. A professional real estate agent that is serious about growing their business will give everyone they come in contact with a business card.

Act like a politician

The personality of a professional real estate agent could be misconstrued with a politician at first glance. Sometimes I use this line when meeting a stranger in public; “No I’m not running for public office, but I am in the real estate business and I’m looking for people that are interested in buying or selling real estate. Are you one of the people I am looking for?’ You might be surprised how many say, “Well, I might be.” Boom! I just picked up another prospective client. Can you see how simple this technique is? Practice makes perfect so begin using the oldest proven method in our industry and enjoy the results.

 Do you have questions

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