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Who Made This Decision?

I seldom take such a drastic stance by writing articles like this but I believe it is that important. I just returned last night from a business trip to Austin, Texas. This morning I had hundreds of emails. One of them was forwarded to me from a very good friend of mine. An alarm sounded in my head!  I first went to snopes.com to verify the authenticity of the statement in the email. It is true!

The U.S. Government has begun distribution on a one dollar coin that doesn’t contain “IN GOD WE TRUST.” The email requested that I forward to my friends and also to refuse the coin if someone gives it to me when making change. The email also stated, “I received one from the Post Office as change and I asked for a dollar bill instead. The lady just smiled and said ‘way to go’, so she had read this email too.”

I know there are a lot of good emails sent around the world but this one has a special meaning to me.  I believe that everyone has the right to believe or not believe in the existence of God. Everyone has the right to worship a God of their choice and almost everyone worships a God of some type. The intention of this article is not to force my God on anyone, but to share my thoughts about our Country and the direction it is taking.

A smart business person will stay away from religious and political issues but I never have been too smart. The United States of America has always been a country of freedom and opportunity. Its citizenship is now comprised of people from all over the world. I have no animosity toward anyone that wants to enjoy the benefits our country offers. I do, however, believe that people coming to our country should adapt to American ways rather than we trying to adapt to the ways people were accustomed to in their native country.

When I have gone to other countries I had to attempt to speak their language. I had to exchange American dollars into their currency. I had to abide by their laws. I had to show my Pass Port to get a train or bus ticket. Does freedom mean that when people come to America they do as they wish and that if we do something that offends them, we have to change so as to accommodate them?

Our forefathers, when establishing the laws for our county, relied on the intervention of God. They openly prayed to God and trusted that God would help them make decisions to equally benefit all its citizens. I don’t know how long “IN GOD WE TRUST” has been on our currency, but what is the point of removing it. Is this a separation of Church and State issue? The meaning of “Separation of Church and State” has been misinterpreted in the last 50 years or so.

President John Adams stated that our rights come from God, not the state. He said, “You have rights antecedent to all earthly governments; rights that cannot be repealed or restrained by human laws; rights derived from the Great Legislator of the Universe.” Our forefathers realized the bounty of riches Americans would come to enjoy;  was given by a higher power. They paid tribute to God in thanksgiving by placing the words “IN GOD WE TRUST” on all our currency. If we truly believe in some form of a God, the words would be applicable to the God of everyone’s choice. So what is the purpose of changing something that has become a historical part of our heritage?

I think we are at a place in history that we should restore our country; our government, to its original standard by ceasing to accept everything that is handed us. President George Washington warned us when he said,” Government is not reason; it is not eloquence; it is force! Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.”

If we the people of these United States, stand together united as one voice; not separated as neither Democrats nor Republicans, but as Americans and do what is right, we can save our wonderful country.

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  1. Truth or Fiction shows the words “In God We Trust” along the edge which is not obvious but it is there which is a shame to have moved it to the edge!!!

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