The Key to a Successful Real Estate Career

The Key to a Successful Real Estate Career?

This is a million dollar question, but can be answered very simply. The wheel has already been invented, tested, tried, and proven. There is a system in place that has proven productive for some 35-40 years. The system has been tweaked and fine tuned to perfection. It really works so why try to reinvent it. The system has been replicated for years by the Nation’s top producing Realtors®. I’m talking about Realtors® that have set new production records in listings and sells;

year in and year out. These are people you read about in magazines.

Even during this computer savvy, intellectual, cyber-space era in history; the basic system which produces buyer and seller leads remain the backbone producing much desired success. The main difference between today’s system and that of the 1970-80’s is that the system has been implemented through internet language.

Over the next several weeks I will share various steps of the system that will help you move your career from that of mediocrity toward becoming the best Realtor® you can possibly be.

You do want to reach the highest level of productivity; don’t you? Great! Just follow this weekly blog and apply what you learn to your daily work habits.

Have a great day!

James Anderson

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  1. Sounds great, James. I can’t agree with you more. As agents, there is no reason to reinvent the wheel. Just do what works for others. I think that one of the road blocks for me has always been mindset. I had blocks in my mind that told me that “they can do that because they are XYZ”, but you are not those things. I have begun to shatter those self defeating thoughts and am beginning to think much more positively. That’s a huge part of it.

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