Real Estate Agency - Real Estate School Affiliation

As part of Alabama Real Estate Institute’s expansion, real estate agencies across the State of Alabama can partner with the school through an affiliation program.

School Affiliates gain beneficial advantages that most competing brokerage firms don’t offer. I will address some of these benefits individually, but please understand that there are many benefits that time will not allow me to discuss.

It has been statistically proven that brokerage firms that are closely associated with a specific real estate school greatly benefit when recruiting new agents.

Especially if a person is considering a career change into real estate, they feel more secure, and confident they will receive a more accurate education as well as receiving a higher level of training.  Real estate agents are legally considered “independent contractors.” It is common for an agent to become dissatisfied with the direction their career is heading, thus moving their license to work with another qualifying broker. In many cases the determining factor is due to lack of qualified training provided by their current agency.

Being affiliated with a complete school like Alabama Real Estate Institute, the agency has quick access to various educational and training aids.

Affiliate agencies have the opportunity to provide in-house productivity coaching from a professional, qualified real estate coach. Real estate coaching is individualized to meet the specific needs for each individual person; to aid them in advancing their productivity to a higher level of success. Everyone needs professional coaching although it seems to be the more successful Realtors® that truly understands the importance of coaching.  Top ranked professionals in all industries have a personal coach to help them stay on track to reach their goals. An experienced coach is a viable asset to any successful real estate agency.

As you can see there are many benefits to establishing an affiliate relationship with a full-service school.

I want to mention one more powerful advantage. The majority or at least the most successful real estate agencies have a monthly sales meeting. The main purpose of a sales meeting is to update their agents on company policies, new laws, rules, and regulations. As an affiliate of the school, the broker has the opportunity to change the entire perception of a sales meeting, by having the availability of a motivational speaker, educator, trainer, and a coach to preside the meeting. It is also proven that speakers from outside an agency with peak more interest from their agents, which increases the attendance ratio.

If you are the owner, or qualifying broker for a real estate agency, or feel your broker might be interested in becoming an affiliate member of a complete real estate school, we would be happy to supply you more detailed information about our program.

Simply complete the form below and we can set an appointment to fully explain the advantages of the program. If you aren’t ready to complete the form but have specific questions about the program, take a moment to send us an email and we will promptly send you a reply.

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